Other airport folders

The article is about airports with multiple folders, but focuses on ground textures. What about all the other folders in the airport package?

The main folder will of course contain the airport itself, with the APT.dat file (runways, taxiways, etc.) and a DSF file for the scenery objects. Other folders in the package can for example contain:

  • surroundings (scenery objects around the airport)
  • roads
  • exclusions
  • vegetation

What all this items have in common it that they are placed at exact geographical locations. Normally there is no risk that the particular package overwrites areas covered by other packages. Therefore as a general rule all these folders can be placed next to the main airport folder without any problem (unless the installation instructions say otherwise).

These for example, are the local roads surrounding an airport (you see some trees too if you look closely):

There is of course also content that is not geographical related at all:

  • a library specific for the package, for instance for seasons
  • plugins, for instance the groundtraffic

Folders like these can also be placed next to the main airport package.