Prefab Airports for X-Plane

The Prefab Airports package is a scenery package that contains a lot of airports: the first version in 2015 had 25000 of them.

The Prefab Airports packages are made with an application I developed. It automatically creates the APT.dat file and thousands of DSF files using AGP elements to place blocks of scenery. It uses 33 types of sceneries in 3 different layouts and 3 climates zones.

I originally created the Prefab package to add the FSEconomy airports that are missing in X-Plane (see here).
But at that time there were only a limited amount of 3D Global Airports, so I thought: why not add Prefab Airports to X-Plane too?

Of course it is mainly for all those airports for which no Custom Scenery is available (yet). In general the preference for any scenery is:

  • Custom Scenery (available in the forum)
  • Global Airports with scenery (3D airports installed by Laminar)
  • Prefab airports

I do not use the package myself anymore (I hardly have time to use X-Plane as a flight simulator instead of a testing application), but I intend to maintain it for the community and update it with every X-Plane Global Airports update.

You can download the Prefab Airports here: X-Plane forum