Prefab Airports and X-Life

Only Prefab Airports, version V5.1+, with 1 runway have ATC Routes that are compatible with X-Life. At the moment X-Life cannot handle scenery packages with multiple airports, so you need to place a separate data file in the X-Life/Airports folder for each airport you want to use with X-Life. In the video you can see that making such a data file is quick and easy.

Important: X-Life uses the GNS430 procedures to determine how the AI planes depart and approach an airport. You need to check if a procedure file is present for your airport in Resources\GNS430\navdata\Proc: no file = no X-Life traffic!

FollowMeCar: the FMCar will work if asked for in the Deluxe ATC menu. You will not see the map of the FMCar. If you want that (although a bit odd for these small airports) you need to make a separate scenery with only the particular airport (by importing the apt.dat and dsf data).