Something goes wrong with XO

For the history of changes/fixed issues and the currently known issues, see the Change log and known issues.

XO crashed

It could be that it is a problem that is already solved with a new version or a temporary patch:

Sometimes the problem is known and a fix is ready, but there is no new version or patch available yet. If that is the case, please send me a PM in the forum (and attach your XoLog) and I will send you the fix.

If the crash is not like anything known, please send me a PM in the forum and attach the zip file that XO makes when it crashes. You can find the zip file in the XO folder:

Some other problem

For other problems the same as above applies with regards to known problems.

If you can’t find a solution (here or in the forum), please post in the xOrganizer forum and I will try to respond as soon as possible.

In your post please describe the problem, add screenshots if helpful and always add the XoLog. Often it can be useful to add the zip file as well. The zip file can be created in XO: go to Settings and click on the button: