Changelog, known issues and latest manual (XO)

Known issues with the latest version


Latest version: 2.4.1

Current latest version is V2.4.1. You can download this version from your account at the store.

Version 2.4.1 only contains small improvements and a few bug fixes. No new functionality is added.
The manual and other documentation of V2.4.0 are therefore unchanged.
The internal database is updated to match the latest X-Plane data and a new scenery rule for Orbx TE
Spain is added.


Changelog previous versions

Latest version:


  • support for Python3


  • Error fixed: column ‘AcfFileName’ is constrained to be unique


  • Now 64bit + parallel processing (again on average 3x faster)
  • New look with better support for dark skins
  • All profiles can now be locked to prevent unwanted changes
  • Aircraft versions tab + rename function


  • Much faster scenery scan: on average 3x faster
  • This also fixes the problem a few users had in version 2.2.2


  • Aircraft profiles added
  • SkunkCrafts config file also disbled when an aircraft is disabled
  • New function to search a list of airports (see manual)
  • New function to display all installed library identifiers
  • Labels added on airports map
  • Country and other extra data added for airports
  • Backup of the X-Plane log is made every time XO starts
  • Option added to hide the scenery and plugin versions tab
  • Support for zipped (7z) dsf files added
  • LOWI and KSEA readded to the XO database
  • Many small improvements and a few small fixes


  • Important bug fix and some small improvement


  • New plugins/scripts module with support for XACARS (rebuild)
  • New aircraft module
  • Versions tab for plugins/scripts
  • Versions tab for scenery also supports links to updaters
  • Show winterized orthos and scenery packages with season support
  • Option to rescan only 1 scenery packages added
  • Several small fixes and improvements