Why did XO choose this country or continent?

Scenerypackage in the wrong country

XO uses two ways to determine what country an airport belongs to:

  • the internal XO database with airports and their country
  • polygons with country borders, where XO checks if a location falls inside the border

The internal database uses the airport codes of the default X-Plane database (*). If a developer uses a default code for an airport, but places it at a completely different location -> XO will show a wrong country.

With the second method sometimes a problem occurs if an airport is located close to a border. It is possible that the country is reported to be on the other side of the border, because the borders are not 100% exact.

(*) a lot of the extra data fields like country and continent are far from complete in the X-Plane database (and also very inconsistent). That is why I completely filled the XO database with own (consistent) country/continent data.

A country has a wrong name or is placed in the wrong continent

The classification, naming, etc. of countries is a task that is more difficult than it may seem and often subject to (sensitive) discussion. I certainly don’t want to offend anyone, so I use reputable internet sources as a basis and do not interfere manually.

Please note that the classification in XO is foremost aimed at geographical areas more than anything else. An example: USA-Hawaii is placed in Oceania and not North-America.