LimeSim Airport packages

The developer of LimeSim has indicated that they adopted their sceneries to a new layer structure. With the installation they prefer all folders of the package to stay together:

  • LimeSim-XXXX-Scenery name-0-Seasons
  • LimeSim-XXXX-Scenery name-1-Roads
  • LimeSim-XXXX-Scenery name-2-Airport
  • LimeSim-XXXX-Scenery name-3-Mesh

Where XXXX of course stands for the airport code (ICAO).

XO 2.4.0+ will keep all LimeSim packages with this naming convention together.

However, they have also indicated that placing the last mesh folder separate and lower in the order, should be no problem in most cases.

I would suggest you first try if everything works with the recommended order, also in combination with other scenery. If you discover that it somewhere conflicts with other scenery, you could move the mesh folder to the ‘Airport Orthophotos’ subfolder:

This article explains more: Airport packages with multiple folders