Python scripts

Python is a scripting language used for many purposes. Python can be used in combination with X-Plane to create and run fast scripts (mainly because they are compiled before running). Python is not as easy to learn as FlyWithLua.

To install Python 2.7.9 follow these instructions from the FSE website: Python Install


FSE aliases

Although you should always match your plane in X-Plane as close as possible (weight, payload, fuel usage) with the plane you are flying in FSE, it is not always possible to use the exact same plane. With the alias option you can set the plane in X-Plane to the type you use in FSE.

In FSE I fly a lot for OAAE (see website), where we have a lot of similar but different types of planes. I have made a Python script to make it easier to quickly switch the alias without typing the whole name in the input box (inspired by an idea of Teddii).

The script creates a simple menu item from which you can choose the alias: see screenshot (NB: does not match the example).



The aliases are loaded from a file “FSE_aliases.txt” which you should place in the X-Plane Aircraft folder. #CAT is used to make a menu item followed with the name after the comma. The aliases of the planes are followed by the number of pax after the comma (just for easy reference).
Show FSE_aliases.txt


Copy the following code to any notepad application and save it with a .py extension (instead of .txt). Then place this Python script in the PythonScripts folder (in the Plugin folder).
Show Python script