Windows tool to organize plugins, libraries and scenery for X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11. With the growing amount of plugins, libraries and scenery I thought it would be nice to have a tool to help organize all my stuff. Perhaps it helps you too ūüôā

Supports scenery at other locations than the Custom Scenery folder (hardlinks/junctions and shortcuts) and also supports the Steam version of X-Plane + start of X-Plane using any script (Powershell or other).

Functionality of this tool

  • X-Plane Preferences
  • Plugins & scripts
  • Scenery (scenery_pack.ini)
  • Airport data
  • Mesh coverage
  • Version management
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X-Plane Preferences:

  • NEW: Create different preference settings¬†for different usage scenarios (using the preference files in X-Plane\Output\Preferences)
  • Swap the preferences before you start X-Plane

Plugins & scripts:

  • Enable and disable plugins
  • Enable and disable Python & FlyWithLua scripts
  • View FlyWithLua and Python scripts

Scenery (scenery_packs.ini):

  • Helps order your scenery_packs.ini (correct order from top to bottom)
  • Automatically ordered by country and type (as much as possible)
  • Enable / disable scenery: see changes in the preview of the scenery_packs.ini
  • Scenery_packs.ini is automatically saved (NB: can be switched OFF, but a backup is made every time the tool starts)
  • Scan of potential problems and conflicts available (under development)

Although the folder structure is partly fixed you can place the sceneries in any subfolder you like -> the tool just suggests locations!
When organizing your stuff you can use drag&drop but also the right mouse menu -> much easier…¬†NB: please look in the folder “Needs attention” -> this stuff you have to place in the correct folder yourself!

Airport Data:

  • View details of the airports included in your scenery: you can filter and search on airport name, ICAO, scenery package etc.
  • View runways of a selected airport on a map
  • View all your airports on a map

Mesh Coverage:

  • View Regional scenery, W2XP/OSM, Overlay photoscenery, Photoscenery and Mesh on a map to see which areas are covered

Versions and libraries:

  • NEW: Scan your scenery for missing libraries / objects
  • Show version if your scenery / library has a version.txt file
  • Add or change version information



This tool is Windows only. No installation is needed: place the folder with the tool at any location, for instance in your X-Plane folder with a shortcut on your desktop. You can start X-Plane directly from the tool.
To update: unzip in new folder -> copy xOrganizerData.xml from old version to the new folder (this way you can always go back to the old version)

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The tool can only handle one X-Plane installation at the time -> just make a copy for each X-Plane folder if you have multiple copies.
First time the tool will ask for the location of X-Plane -> sometimes this windows positions itself behind other windows: use Alt-Tab to find it (should be fixed now)
If the tool does not run: please check if you have the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 installed + check if your virus scanner isn’t interfering (don’t worry it is save).
The tool searches for the country of each Scenery and puts a small file with the country name in each folder. In V0.8 a list with countries for all X-Plane airports is added. If an airport is not in the list xOrganizer will try to find the country on the internet.
Furthermore it rewrites your scenery_packs.ini file each time it is started (a backup is made!) and it adds .xorg to each plugin or script that is disabled by you (and removes this when enabled).
The tool needs an internet connection for the maps (and sometimes to search for country names of new scenery)

Removing the tool

You can delete the tool anytime: just enable all plugins and scripts before you do. X-Plane will rebuild your scenery_packs.ini file from scratch if you delete it. So there is nothing that can really go wrong.


What’s New

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Version 1.1:
– removed support for X-plane 32bit version to make xOrganizer compatible with X-Plane 11
Рsmall bug fix in log (reported by ostkamp)
To update: unzip in new folder -> copy xOrganizerData.xml from old version to the new folder (this way you can always go back to the old version)

Version 1.0:
Рsmall bug fixes +  bug fix when moving XP installation

Version 0.9:
– NEW functionality to scan scenery for missing libraries / objects
– center and zoom filtered airports on map

Version 0.8:
– added a file with the country name of al X-Plane airports to limit the internet search for country names

Version 0.7:
РNEW added option to swap X-Plane Preference files
– added extra backup of scenery_packs.ini + preference files first time tool starts (so you can always go back to your original files)
– improved reset / cleanup options
– country added to scenery_packs.ini comments
– several improvements in the code

Version 0.6:
– improved log file (more detailed information)
– added option to only show enabled Mesh
– fixed bug in update database previous versions
NB: if you have V0.3+ you can¬†copy the new exe file¬†over the old one ->¬†don’t forget to include¬†xOrganizerStartProcess.txt !

Version 0.5:
– added option to rescan/refresh plugins and scenery (restart no longer needed)
– added button to open plugin folder
– improved help menu + several small improvements/fixes