With version the Prefab Airports V5 and X-Plane 10.45 this tool is no longer needed. The new exclusion method now prevents conflicts with other scenery packages.

For more information on the new exclusion method: X-Plane developer blog
For older versions of X-Plane you can of course still use the tool.

My Prefab Airports packages and the Global Airports have in common that they place a lot of airports in the Custom Scenery folder which can cause conflicts with other scenery.

Although it can be solved with Exclusion Zones, this usually is a lot of work….and keeping you from flying mad.gif.

To save everyone this “exclusion” trouble I created a Windows tool (V1.1) which removes all duplicate airports from the Prefab Airports folders and also from the Global Airports folder. The tool scans your Custom Scenery folder to see which airports need to be removed….

My application only modifies the Global Airports folder and the Prefab Airports folders and makes backups of all the files it changes. BUT make a BACKUP so you can quickly reverse changes (it can only remove and not add airports).

This tool works for the normal X-Plane version AND the FSE version of my Prefab Airports. Non FSE users: ignore the message “Prefab FSE not found”.

Global Airports
Objects and other stuff do not “know” to which airport they belong! The only way to remove them is to select them based on their location relative to the runways. If you make the area too small not all objects are removed…..if you make it too large it could remove objects of another nearby airport.
You can specify the distance the tool should use. For me 1000m seems to work OK, but experiment with it if the results are not what you expect. Just restore the original folder and try again….

Prefab Airports
As I know how the airports are calculated there is no need to specify a distance here.

If my application does not run on your Windows machine, then please check if you have Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 installed. You can download this package from the official Microsoft website.
There is no need to install my application: just place it in the “My Documents” folder, double click on xAirportRemover.exe and it will run.

I tested it on Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 7 64bit. There is no reason why it should not run on other versions…

NB: this is a Windows application. To run this tool on Linux you need to install WINE, which enables you to run Windows applications. See the PDF in the download for more information (+ installation instruction for WINE). I have tested my tool with Ubuntu 14.04 in combination with WINE and it worked fine….

Again: this is a Windows application. If you don’t have Parallels Desktop running (to run Windows on your Mac): there is a WINE version for the Mac. But I don’t have a Mac, so I have not tested this and cannot guarantee it will work…..

Download: Download xAirportRemover V1.1.zip (842.2 KB)