Prefab Airports

25000 Prefab Airports package for X-Plane 11 (also works in X-Plane 10).

The scenery package contains 25000 (computer generated) airports with 33 types of sceneries (in 3 different layouts and 3 climates zones), which I call Prefab airports.
The package helps filling the empty X-Plane world and is mainly meant for all those airports for which no Custom Scenery is available (yet). In general the preference for any scenery is:

  • Custom Scenery (available in the xorg forum)
  • Global Airports with scenery (lego brick airports installed by Laminar)
  • Prefab airports of this package

All the Prefab airports in the package have:

  • Scenery: buildings, hangars, planes, 3D people etc. (see images)
  • Taxiways with signs, lines, centerlines, lights and runways holds
  • ATC routes (package 1 / beta)
  • Platforms with ramp starts and fence around the airport
  • Airport boundaries, exclusion zones and ground textures
  • All original X-Plane data of airports (ATC frequencies, beacons, etc.)


  • X-Plane 11 (or X-Plane 10.50)
  • 3D people library (by dkm, version 3.8 or higher)
  • OpensceneryX (version 2.1.1 or higher). NB: older versions need the folder to be named “OpensceneryX”, see the instructions
  • Optional Autogate plugin (by Marginal, version 1.6 or higher)


Version 7
The Prefab Airports are split up in packages per continent (USA split into 3 separate packages). There is also a FSE package for use with FSEconomy (see webpage on FSEconomy for explanation).
All packages contain only airports with 1 runway (except the FSE package which contains all missing airports whatever the number of runways).

X-Life and WorldTraffic
For help with X-Life see the separate webpage: Prefab and X-Life
The ATC routes can be used to create Groundroutes for WorldTraffic (tested with XGRC 2.5)

NO CONFLICTS with the new exclusion method
These packages contain a lot of airports, but they are now build using the new exclusion method (X-Plane developer blog). As a result you will only see a Prefab airport if no other scenery is available (you need at least X-Plane 10.45+ for this to work).

IMPORTANT: this only works correctly if you place the Prefab packages below the other scenery in the scenery_packs.ini file (see instructions for more information).
NB: my packages do not conflict with the Global Airports.

Content to download

To download use this link to the download section of the xorg forum:


In my package I have used or included objects made available by the following members of the X-Plane forum: dkm, Chris Noe, Marginal, Jacques Brault, fschutzman, FlyByGuy, gplv3, Al., capnsully and Einstein (hope I didn’t forget anyone). Thanks!
Special thanks for Ben Supnik from Laminar for sending me a special version of the DSFTool for the new exclusions!