Download Basic FSE version

This is the basic version of the custom scenery that adds all the FSE airports that are missing in the default airport data in X-Plane. It will only add the following airport data: runways, taxiways + platform (not all airports), windsocks and beacon. If you want the version with Prefab scenery you should go to Download FSEconomy.

NB: the version for X-Plane 10.40 can also be used with 10.45 and version 10.36 can be used with X-Plane 9!


If you have installed zzzz_FSE_Airports before, just replace it with the new version and you’re done.

First time installation
FSE airports for X-Plane is a custom scenery: the folder “zzzz_FSE_Airports” needs to be extracted into X-Plane’s “Custom Scenery” folder. After that start X-Plane and close it again.

Now open the file “scenery_packs.ini” (in the “Custom Scenery” folder) with Notepad or similar tool. You will see that “zzzz_FSE_Airports” is at the top of the list => move the whole line to the bottom of the “scenery_packs.ini”. The last line should look like this: SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/zzzz_FSE_Airports/

Restart X-Plane and that’s it. NB: for a lot of airports you will have to turn off “Runways follows terrain” in the X-Plane’s settings!