FlyWithLua scripts

FlywithLua is the Lua 5.1 script engine for X-Plane, which makes creating and running scripts easy.
You can download FlyWithLua here: Forum download and how to start First Steps

I have created some Lua scripts that may be helpful for you too. The following scripts are available:

NB: sometimes the same variable is used in the various scripts -> just delete duplicate variables (or comment out by using –).


Wind Info Script

This script show the wind heading relative to your plane (where wind is coming from):
Wind_info LUA

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Dampen Toe Brakes

This script helps to dampen the toe brakes if they are too sensitive. It makes it easier to slowly brake.

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Copilot: keeps plane in straight line when taxiing

This helps me to stay on the taxiway when working on checklists etc.

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Binding the CowlFlaps to a Joystick axis for the DC-3

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